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Do I Need a Building Permit?

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

When in doubt, fill one out! or call 742-8000 with questions, we are happy to help!

If you live in Elmwood or are looking at a home here, you have probably thought of a home improvement project you would like to do. Good News! In Elmwood we handle all Building Permits and Zoning Certificates right here at City Hall. No need to go to the county, all decisions are local. There is no fee until we review your application and determine if inspections are needed and issue the permit. Applications are easily obtained by stopping at City Hall at 201 West Main St. or visiting our website under Permits and Forms.

When do you need a permit? Are You:

Building a new home - That's an easy one, of course you want an inspector keeping an eye on the construction process for your family's safety and to protect your investment. The same care goes into inspections when you decide to put on an addition or do a remodel, if you are changing the footprint or structure of your home, you will need a permit. Here are some other projects permits are required for: adding a deck or porch, any projects that involve electricity, if you are dealing with plumbing changes, are you adding a garage - attached or detached, a shed (even pre-built sheds require us to look at setbacks and tie downs), if you are tearing down/taking down any structure, putting up/in a pool, putting in a fence, adding a car port, pergola, etc.

Whatever project you are doing feel free to call and ask about a permit. Permit applications can be turned around quickly, another benefit of local control and probably aren't as expensive as have been rumored. Prices are listed in each permit packet.

Reach out today to our knowledgeable and friendly staff!

If you begin a project without pulling a permit there are letters that will be sent and fines that can accrue, and fees that can be doubled. None of us want that... When In Doubt, Fill One Out!

Building Code and Zoning Administrator

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